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Hismile PAP+ Teeth Whitening Strips | 14 Strips, 7 Treatments

Hismile PAP+ Teeth Whitening Strips | 14 Strips, 7 Treatments

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Hismile PAP+ Teeth Whitening Strips - Let’s strip stains, not your enamel.

The PAP+ Whitening strips are based on our famous instant whitening formula. The strips have been designed to whiten in just one 30-minute treatment without any sensitivity. Finally, a whitening strip that is safe for your enamel and gums.


Peroxide-based whitening strips use oxidising action to whiten teeth. As part of this process, peroxide releases something known as ‘free radicals’ which readily attack organic molecules to reduce discolouration. This is likely to cause unwanted side effects such as sensitivity, gum irritation, and demineralisation. We have spent years of R&D through the Hismile Research Centre to find the best alternative, PAP+.


Led by our Head of Research and Development, Dr. Mauro Pascolutti, PhD, the Hismile Research Centre is the home of all formulations and product development. The Hismile Research criteria is based on 3 key pillars: Safety, Effectiveness, and Convenience. Each product we develop undergoes years of research, testing ensuring that these 3 criteria are not only met, but exceeded.


Our whitening strips utilise the power of PAP+. PAP+ maximises the benefits of the active whitening ingredient, PAP. Unlike peroxide, PAP reacts with tooth stains without enamel damage or gum irritation. We've also added several other supporting ingredients to PAP+ that remineralise teeth and combat the effects of pre-existing sensitivity.


Step 1. Dry both top and bottom teeth thoroughly before use. Peel off the long strip and apply sticky side to top teeth. Press strip down firmly and fold over back of teeth to secure. Repeat for short strip on bottom teeth.

Step 2. Allow 30 minutes for whitening treatment.

Step 3. Remove strips and rinse mouth with water, revealing a beautiful new smile!


Traditional teeth whitening brands use Peroxide, which can cause painful sensitivity to your teeth.

The Hismile PAP+ formula is a non-abrasive whitening method, safe for gums and enamel and oxidises stubborn stains without sensitivity. Add effective whitening to your everyday by using our PAP+ Teeth Whitening Strips.

  • Featuring Hismile's famous & all-new PAP+ Teeth Whitening formula, these Teeth Whitening Strips work to effectively remove stains without the pain and sensitivity caused by competing whitening strips featuring hydrogen peroxide, more conveniently than teeth whitening kit.

  • Each Hismile PAP+ Teeth Whitening Strip is safe for sensitive teeth, designed with Hismile's PAP+ formula, the white strips effectively remove stains without the sensitivity causing enamel damage associated with traditional teeth whitening products.

  • Simply use Hismile's White Strips once a day for 30 minutes as you go about your day. Hismile's PAP+ whitening strips leave no post-whitening mess or residue like some competitors and work perfectly when combined with a whitening toothpaste as part of your daily routine.

  • When applied to your teeth, each teeth whitening strip firmly adheres to the tooth surface and releases the active ingredients of the PAP formula into the tooth’s structure to provide fast teeth whitening, as well helping pre-existing sensitivity.

  • Hismile PAP+ Teet Whitening Strips Contain, 14 Teeth Whitening Strips (7 Upper Teeth Whitening Strips and 7 Lower Teeth Whitening Strips)

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